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Our Services

CCG offers local, impact-oriented businesses in Ann Arbor the opportunity to optimize and innovate with the passion and expertise of our members, absolutely free of charge.

Finance Strategy

Through cost-benefit analysis, we deliver propositions that reduce expenses and optimize utility for our clients

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Growth Plan

Using a systematic approach, our plans allow clients to grow their brands on campus and beyond


We aid clients in refining their organizations in order to improve performance and functionality


Following an end-to-end framework, we consult our clients from conceptualization to implementation

How we work

Our teams of student analysts work diligently with our clients throughout the semester. Each team is composed of 4–5 driven analysts led by a project manager and an experienced senior analyst who serves as an advisor for the team as well as the client.

At the conclusion of every semester, each team will present to its client and issue its evidence-based recommendation, drawing on meticulous research and analyses conducted during the semester.

​We appreciate our client relationships and desire to maintain them even after the completion of projects by allowing clients to have access to the organization, its members, and resources.

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