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What Our Clients Are Saying

"The team worked hard and provided recommendations that clearly showed the effort that was put into the project. Their ability to work outside the classroom and utilize what they've learned through their studies helps them to develop important skills.  Overall, we enjoyed working with CCG!"

- Richard Millunchick | VP Operations

Michigan Dining

​"Capital Consulting has partnered with Michigan Dining on several sustainability and business projects. CCG is professional, well organized, and works to achieve the goals as agreed upon with the client.  Applying their knowledge through team collaboration and real-world application ensures success for them and the client."

- Steve Mangan | Senior Director

Fleece and Thank You

​"We consistently provide CCG with real problems that our business faces, and they never fail to impress with the creative solutions they discover for us that we simply would not have had the time to research or imagine while we are in the day-to-day. CCG is an invaluable resource for my nonprofit, and I hope to continue working with them for many semesters to come!" 

- Nicholas Kristock | Founder & Executive Director

Past Clients
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