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*Our next application cycle will begin in Winter 2024
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need prior consulting knowledge?
No! Our application process looks for a wide range of abilities. During the interview, we look for creativity, critical thinking, and professionalism.
Do I need to be in Ross?
No! In fact, 1/3 of our club members are non-Ross majors!
What does the case interview look like?
During the case interview, you will be given a business problem, and asked to come up with solutions to their specific problem. Creative and structured thinking will be assessed. Please bring a pencil and paper with you to the interview.
Do you have any resources for the interview?
First round/second round applicants will be invited to a CCG workshop, walking you through the interview process.
Any tips during the process?
Come to CCG recruitment events to learn more, and be yourself! Remember, this is also your opportunity to find which club fits you best as well.
Have more questions?
Contact us at or come to our events to learn more
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