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Capital Consulting Group

Local businesses. Global presence. Real world impact.

Finance Strategy

Through cost-benefit analysis, we deliver propositions that reduce expenses and optimize utility for our clients

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Growth Plan

Using a systematic approach, our plans allow clients to grow their brands on campus and beyond


We aid clients in refining their organizations in order to improve performance and functionality


Following an end-to-end framework, we consult our clients from conceptualization to implementation


Welcome to CCG!

Capital Consulting Group at the University of Michigan offers professional development, real-client experiences, and a tight-knit community

Who We Are

Capital Consulting Group is a pro-bono consulting club affiliated with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. We strive to advance positive business in the Ann Arbor community by leveraging the diverse expertise of our members to propel local high-social impact businesses to success.

Along the way, CCG is dedicated to providing our members with opportunities to hone their business acumen while generating tangible impacts, fostering an environment in which they may grow as analysts, but also as responsible global citizens.

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Winter '24  Recruitment

The President's Welcome
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Greetings everyone!


As a student hailing from the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to all aspiring individuals. Thank you for taking the time to explore Capital Consulting Group, my home away from home.


For me, Capital Consulting Group has been more than just a club.. Beyond offering professional development resources, it has provided a close-knit community driven by a shared passion for growth and success. Within this club, I've not only found valuable professional development resources but also made friendships that I believe will endure a lifetime. Our relationships have been nurtured through countless hours of retreats, potlucks, formals, and various social activities. Among them, our semesterly retreats stand out as my favorite, whether in Bristol, Indiana, or Hopkins, Michigan. Every moment, from surfing the sand dunes to playing hide and seek amidst a power outage, has been unforgettable. Through CCG's social gatherings, I've learned about trust, friendship, and leadership, fostering an environment that goes beyond academics and truly values meaningful connections.


I invite each of you to consider joining Capital Consulting Group, where opportunities for professional development are abundant. We offer valuable workshops, networking events, and real-world project work, committed to equipping our members with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. CCG focuses on providing pro-bono consulting services to local businesses, bridging the gap between the academic world and the local business landscape. Members have the incredible opportunity to work directly with clients in Ann Arbor, gaining real-world exposure that is invaluable. Also, our extensive and thriving alumni network plays a pivotal role in the organization's success, representing a diverse range of industries, roles, and expertise. This network actively supports and mentors current members, fostering a culture of continuous learning within Capital Consulting Group.


I highly recommend attending our recruiting events; details can be found on this website. It's a great chance to gain insights into CCG! Thank you for your interest, and I can not wait to meet you over the next couple of weeks!


Best regards,


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