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Capital Consulting Group

Local businesses. Global presence. Real world impact.

Finance Strategy

Through cost-benefit analysis, we deliver propositions that reduce expenses and optimize utility for our clients

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Growth Plan

Using a systematic approach, our plans allow clients to grow their brands on campus and beyond


We aid clients in refining their organizations in order to improve performance and functionality


Following an end-to-end framework, we consult our clients from conceptualization to implementation

Who we are

Capital Consulting Group is a pro-bono consulting club affiliated with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. We strive to advance positive business in the Ann Arbor community by leveraging the diverse expertise of our members to propel local high-social impact businesses to success.

Along the way, CCG is dedicated to providing our members with opportunities to hone their business acumen while generating tangible impacts, fostering an environment in which they may grow as analysts, but also as responsible global citizens.

The President's Welcome


Looking back to my freshman year, I distinctly recall the pandemic-era challenges of navigating a fully virtual Meet the Clubs, unsure of whether consulting was right for me. Through it all, the interactions I had with CCG members  stuck out above the rest. They talked about high-impact projects, formal meetings with client executives, and incredible networking opportunities with leading consulting firms, all while making lifelong friends along the way. When I think back on my time in CCG, I can say with absolute confidence that I developed professionally, worked on projects that had a significant impact, and made invaluable friendships that I intend to keep beyond my time at Michigan.

I want to emphasize some of the most impactful social and professional opportunities that CCG has enabled for me. CCG provides our members with a broad range of unique networking events with access to representatives from top consulting firms throughout the industry.  In addition, CCG offers a special platform to do high-impact work on community-focused projects, starting as early as your first semester.


I worked on a tech-focused research project with senior executives of an Ann Arbor-based startup during my first semester and was able to see the impact of our efforts year after year as the company grew. Finally, CCG’s emphasis on building a close-knit, social culture through exciting events helps encourage the formation of close relationships among our members. I can personally attest to CCG’s incredible social experience, and I remain eternally grateful for the lasting friendships and incredible memories I have made here.

I highly encourage you to take advantage of our recruiting events to learn more about CCG. I appreciate your interest and hope to speak with you soon!

Best Regards,



Arnav Gupta

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